Q&A with Dave Bell

Posted in: Q&A by Dave Bell on 18 July 2013

Dave Bell
West London
Private Teacher
Team/Club (if relevant)
Molesey Boat Club/Great Britain
Level of Achievement/Participation
Several international call ups. Two European Titles.

Q1: Why have you chosen to participate in your particular sport?
A1: Seemed to show some natural talent for it, and made some great friends after getting started. Every time I won a race I set my sights on something higher, and have been hooked ever since!

Q2: What are your aims and ambitions in your sport?
A2: I think it's important to keep your ambitions realistic, so I never try to aim too far ahead of where I'm currently at. Shorter term, I'd like to make the national senior squad and compete in the Oxford vs. Cambridge Boat Race.

Q3: How often do you train?
A3: Twice a day, seven days a week.

Q4: What does your training regime involve?
A4: Depends what time of year it is. Winter is all about building fitness, so lots of time is spent in the gym. Roughly 200,000m is rowed each week. In Summer, the mileage is reduced a lot, but the intensity is increased to get us ready for races. Regatta races are held over 2000m, roughly 5.30 - 7 minutes depending on what type of boat you are in, so pieces around that distances are more common.

Q5: Each bottle of Nurishment Active has 35g of protein and a unique combination of 22 vitamins and minerals. How important is 'high protein' to your training and recovery?
A5: It's crucial, especially in winter. Making every session count pays off in the summer, so it's important to recover as much as possible between sessions. Nurishment's high protein content enables me to do this day in, day out.

Q6: What advice would you give to people who are thinking of competing in your sport?
A6: Don't assume rowing is as jolly as it looks on TV, a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes. Be ready to push yourself.

Q7: Which sportsman/woman do you most admire - and why?
A7: Sir Chris Hoy, a legend in every sense of the word!

Q8: What's a typical training day like?
A8: Leave the house at about 6.15am, cycle to training (30minutes). First session is normally a long steady state (Heart Rate around 150bpm) row, for 90-120 minutes. After that we come in for about an hour's break, refuel and go again. Second session is normally shorter, but with some more intense work. Come off the water; take down a Nurishment before cycling home for lunch. Third session, which we do occasionally, is usually a weights session. Most down time is spent eating and recovering!

Q9: What gives you the biggest buzz in your sport?
A9: Winning is great, but I think I prefer the race build up more. It can be pretty dramatic. It's a strange sense of feeling nervous, excited, tense and a little bit scared all at the same time; like a roller coaster but much more intense.

Q10: Nurishment Active encourages sports people to 'reset their limits'. How important is goal setting and pushing yourself to ensure you perform at your best?
A10: If you're not willing to push yourself in this sport you may as well stay in bed and not bother. I like to have short term targets, often a fitness target such as a score on the rowing machine or in the weights room, to break up the winter. In Summer, it's all about looking forward to the next race, and making sure we get the most out of each session so that we can maximise our chance of success.