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Posted in: Nurishment Active Blog by Jason Richards-Thompson on 9 July 2013

Jason Richards-Thompson

Club: Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 12/08/1988
Age Group: SEN
County: Middlesex
Region: London

Hey all,

2012 has come around so fast. It seems like only yesterday I was reflecting back on what went wrong last season. Thankfully, just as I was starting winter training, Team Nurishment decided they wanted to sponsor me for the new season. So that definitely gave me an extra boost to train hard and do well as I know I am capable of reaching the top.

Five months into my sponsorship with Team Nurishment and they've been absolutely brilliant! Sending me Nurishment at the start of the month without fail, I'm always happy to see what flavours they've sent me. After a session, I seriously feel the difference the next day after drinking a can.

I’ve been really proud of the way I've been managing to split my time between working and training. My coach is great in that he understands the importance of my job commitments and we make sure training is structured around this. However at the same time, we still apply the same level of intensity. I haven't missed a session since I started my new job!

As far as Indoor season plans are concerned, we're looking at keeping it short like last year and focusing on the new techniques we've both learnt recently and to keep improving my leg strength and the technical aspects of Triple Jump. But the main goal is to qualify for the Aviva World Indoor UK Trials this month. After this my training will be re-focused on the Outdoor season, as that is what people judge you on really.

Until next time everyone.

Jason Richards-Thompson, Team Nurishment