British 4x Round 1! by Alex Metcalfe

Posted in: Nurishment Active Blog by on 16 April 2014
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Round one of the British 4x series brought us to a soggy Cheshire, a slow wet boggy track slowing down the fastest of riders bringing all the action close together and some real hard hitting, colliding fun!

The season was looking promising, with the Maxim bike loaded up with brand new Rubena tyres and Marzocchi forks I had it in my sight. But the random 4x gate picking system thought otherwise, giving me gate 4,3,4, all on the outside line which wasn’t very helpful in the elite category, having to try and cut in from the outside, travelling further, even with the best of gates you wouldn’t end up in the lead.

The mottos came up and I had a lot of work to do from the outside gate, but being one of the only brave elite riders to jump the pro straight in the cross wind I showed some of the other riders that it is possible to jump round people, getting a 2nd in my first race.

Second race I finished 3rd after a tough battle, but messed up and washed out on the last corner.

Last motto I placed 2nd after getting caught up in the sandy corners at the start and not being able to find the room to pass.

Thinking I had some solid results to get into the semi finals I was told I was in a runoff with 3 other riders and was in gate 1, confused I headed to the top to then be told I was in gate 4. Very frustrated and angry at the system I got on the gate on the outside line ready for the run. Hitting the gate I was very lucky to stay on my bike and had to yet again play catch up, but with the wet weather conditions and serious winds I could catch up and ended 3rd.

I cannot say I'm happy with my result because I'm not, but to take a positive from a negative the bike road an absolute dream!

Big thanks to Maxim Bikes, Marzocchi Suspension, Rubena Tyres, Nurishment Active, Derma Decor and Kali Helmets!