Protein Recovery Drink with Vitamins & Minerals

Nurishment Active has been developed specifically to enable you to recover quickly after you've completed your exercise or sport.

With 35g of protein in each bottle, Nurishment Active combines both whey (fast acting) and casein (slow releasing) protein, resulting in a different breakdown and absorption rates into the body. This combination is good for muscle growth and maintenance of muscle mass. It's just what you need as you set your sights on next time!




Vitamins and minerals play an essential role in keeping your body healthy, fit, and ready for action. Many of the vitamins and minerals in Nurishment Active work together whereby, particular vitamins will contribute to normal absorption or utilisation of certain minerals. They will also contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism as well as the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies may require your body to work harder to do simple tasks, and can lead to illness or other health problems.

Here's a list of the 22 vitamins and minerals we have specially chosen to use Nurishment Active:

Vitamin A | The B Vitamins | Folic Acid | Biotin | Chromium | Copper | Zinc | Iron Magnesium | Niacin | Vitamin E

Nurishment Active also contains a carbohydrate-protein mixture which helps to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and tissue repair. Recent research has shown that consuming carbohydrate and protein after exercise speeds the recovery process.

Post exercise nutrition is critical in optimising your physical performance. Nurishment Active can support some of those needs and help you get the best from your active lifestyle. If you're into sport, or do lots of exercise, it's important to have the right blend of vitamins and minerals carbohydrates, protein, and a small amount of fat, so that you can reload your body with what it needs.



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